NGP12 personnel report
IndentityMusical EntityRoleNGP12 StatusNotes
Tim DrageCementimentalNoise OperatorFully operational/hungryfirst in this list due to having written it
Tony MinesCementimentalSecondary Noise Operator/SingerSinging mode - OFFDidn't feel like singing.
Chi MasonCementimentalBeta Noise OperatorTallsee also DJ CHOPSTIX
MC Cheef KeefFatal FloorMaster of CeremoniesIn JapanFaximilie only: Visual and audio representations invoked his presence.
DJ ChopstixFatal FloorDisk JockeyInoperationalError #12 - records/home/door/lock/key sequence scrambling dilemma
Myk ThomasSony and ShareMidiistFully operationalacted as hunter/gatherer in addition to musical duties
Chris EynonC of EOperator of Amazing SythesiserFully operationalslightly late
VariousUnknownDJ/MC collectiveIratePractice Mix Interrupt Error @ 8.00
Unidentified users of Kitchen??Radio OperationUnimpressed, annoying.Provided unsolicited addition of 'Red Dragon FM' to the performance.
VariousN/AGrassroots patrons / unwitting NGP audienceVarious, inc. Confused, Amused, Entertained, Unimpressed.Mostly left before performance.
NGP AUDIENCEN/AAudience!***A.W.O.L.***Factors inc. Rain, Cold, December, Publicity (lack), Enthusiasm (lack), Structural Catastrophy, may be taken into account when calculating punishments.