NGP12 - When a tree falls in a forest...

Here, for your downloading pleasure(?) are some MP3 files of the 'best' bits of the Cementimental/Sony and Share/C of E soundmash:
I hope you like them, and are able to capture some of the unique audio flavour of the 12th No Ground Processes event!

WARNING: these tracks may not be accounted for under your personal definition of 'music'.

files moved to because my bandwidth was getting caned by ukranian and chinese MP3-harvesting spambots :-S ....i messed up and ended in a url with full stops in it so i can't link to them directlyh hhjsdkvnbjk whatever no human is looking at this in 2014

Whole 'tracks'/'songs' of sorts:

Shorter samples for the more timid downloader: MORE TO FOLLOW in due course (whether you like it or not!)

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