On Monday 16th October 2000, Cementimental performed for the very first time! Our sounds were infliced on an unsuspecting audience at the tenth of No Ground Processes' lovely free-for-all music/film/performance events at the 'Legendary' TJ's, Newport, Wales. More info about past and future NGP events can be found on the official No Ground page!

Also performing at NGPX were Mountain Men Anonymous, Know Point, C of E and Matt Pimm.

Our performance

The Cementimental lineup consisted of myself (Tim), Tony and Chi. We had neither rehersed nor even properly tested our equipment. However, we had made nice stenciled Fatal Floor T-shirts! ----------------------->

During the mercifully short but mercilessly dischordant performance Chi indiscriminitely short-circuited a dismantled Yamaha keyboard, I operated various circuit-bent devices. On the spur of the moment we decided that Tony should introduce us, and also 'sing' the theme to Wolfgang Peterson's film Neverending Story. Not knowing the tune or the words didn't seem to hinder him whatsoever. Tony's impromptu singing outbursts are painful enough in the home, and were downright traumatic when amplified!

None of my devices worked quite as planned, and we had trouble with the volumes. My tiny 'TalkGirl' sampler/scrambler turned out to be terrifyingly loud, whereas the horrible noisy 'Flail Pelican' guitar-keyboard was near inaudible.

During the performance I had no real sense of the sounds I was making, but we made an interesting and silly noise which seemed to go down well! Myk seemed genuinely alarmed, and later described our efforts as 'both inspiring and bloody sinister'. It was loads of fun, and my only regret is that we didn't record our set...oh well, next time! We'll certainly be bringing our Cementimentality to future NGP events.

If you were at NGP #10, please email me and let me know what on earth we sounded like! Be honest now!

Chi short-circuiting the keyboard
(apparently at the bottom of the Ocean.)
Weird double exposure of our junk equipment.

The other bands

All the other bands at NGPX were good, not to mention more musically talented than us. Matt Pimm started the evening playing his own entertaining songs. Know Point delighted us their own wonderful brand of ambient electric wierdness, and Poor Father Material performed his ever-popular trick of playing and ironing cheesy old pop albums. Also, he played a record with a power drill:

The musical highlight of the evening however was the fabulous Mountain Men Anonymous, who consisted of several guitarists and a drummer, playing strange, beautiful, melancholy, hypnotic instrumental tracks, with the assistance of the most effects pedals I've ever seen! They are very very good indeed! I wish them much success, and hope to hear more from them!

Several short films were shown, including our Lego zombie movie All of The Dead and NoGround's Myk and Dan's great films involving motorways.

All in all t'was a fine event, and a time was had by all. Legend has it that there was an NME journalist there, but I don't think we were mentioned in that publication at all. Anyway, if you're in the Newport area, look out for future NGP events!