Robot's Don't Exist

Music video for a track from Cementimental's (possibly) forthcoming single
"Can You Avoid Simply Burning Your Possessions?"
(Updated Feb 04 with movie files in various formats)

Made using Game Boy Camera, Pro Tools Free, bass sample from Carrionsound and an utterance from MC Cheef Keef. One of my more tuneful efforts, in that it has a tune of sorts.

Public domain 50's footage is from the amazing archive.org, the rest of it is by me, Dr. Age. Digital mangling/corruption achieved by 'data bending', the virtual equivalent to circuit-bending: I opened the movie files as text and indescriminately chopped + changed the raw data! Sometimes this produced spectacularly distressed blockiness, more often it crashed Quicktime! Interestingly, each time I render it down at a different resolution, parts of the video look entirely different due to the unorthodox behaviour of the damaged files! Incorrect morphing techniques were also utilised to create the spiky angular bits.

If you'd like to include this video in any screening, compilation, website, etc. then email me for permission.

(Movie links now fixed, if you were having trouble downloading before it'll work fine now.)

Download Quicktime movie - 7.1mb

Download MPEG-4 movie - 16mb

Download Realmedia movie - 19.7mb

Download full-screen (PAL) DIVX movie - 30mb

Movies hosted at The Internet Archive. If you like, please the archive.org movie page here to post comments or rate the video.

UPDATE: the now obligatory Youtube version:

Robots Don't Exist
Do not adjust your set.

(More of my animation can be seen on the Spite Your Face Productions site. Get in touch with us if you'd like a music video made for your band, low or high budget!)
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