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2003 Cementimental album Marklamarrmalarky now re-released:

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Cementimental Bandcamp
- mostly free web-releases & re-releases to download.

Cementimental Soundcloud
- experiments, one-offs and messing about.

Cementimental on zamzamrec
Latest Cementimental cassette "TIM DRAGE" out now on zamzamrec!

Cementimental Tumblr
- latest news/blog/misc.

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photo by James Adi


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Content below this line is quite outdated, see the links above for more current news and recordings. Full website update/redesign soon.

About the site:

Cementimental is the name under which I currently make all my experimental noises, using 'circuit bent' electronic sound-toys and basically whatever and whoever I can get my hands on. The project becomes more or less of a 'band' when I team up with various other noisy types to produce and perform deranged music and noise of many genres.

Cementimental is also part of/indistinguishable from other projects including Gymnastic Decomposition and Hypno-Bacon.


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Now visit Cultivate Twiddle for my films, toys, art, lego, mail art, surrealism and more or less. (SITE IS ANCIENT AND OUT OF DATE!)
OR Spite Your Face Productions Ltd. for animation + films.

Cementimental Live photo by Daniel Clough

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